martes, 3 de febrero de 2009

A farewell lesson

At the end of a long term
the one who thought he was grand,
one day came to discover the negligable power
of a flying pair of shoes.

That far from hitting the white target
it reached it globally in the air,
in ways it never had been achieved
not even by the greatest Miron's Discobolo.

The wind was not able to move
the infinite weight
of a flying pair of shoes,
overflowing the newspapers.

The weapon
of disinformation
aiming vainly at the white target
or at black target.

They say that the iron arm
of the oriental pitcher
could easily shine
in mayor leagues baseball.

If in the world series
the one using the New York Yankees uniform
pitching the ball
would be able to break down even the pride
of the Texas Rangers.

Now at last the strongest ones
lower their eyes to the feet of the weaks.
From now on no one underestimate
the power of their shoes.

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